At the 1st body shop.

The body shop fixed all the dings and dents and even installed a brand new front bed panel. The stock one had been rammed with lumber and beat up.
At this time I was still unsure on the what size tires to use with my 22's so they only lowered my truck 2" in the front and 4" in the back.

I decided that even though my front end was just painted a few months ago I wanted to get a full paint job and change it to Viper Red!

No more dings and dents! Lowered with Belltech Spindles. Plastic splash shields not installed yet.
Fixed all the dents. Installed Belltech 2" Drop Spindles. A whole 2" lower!
Shaved the antenna. Stock 3.16 V8 engine. Hey you missed a screw hole!
Shaved the antenna. Before the engine shroud was shaved. Shaved a few holes on the inner fenders.
Back window was not removed to shave the 3rd brake light... 2/4 drop 1st body shop.
Shaved 3rd Brake Light. Lowered the rear of the truck. Frame needs to be painted.
Dirty Frame. Stock muffler. Don't buy the chrome tip! It doesn't last...
Stock frame needs to be prepped for paint. Stock Muffler will be replaced by Borla. Borla Muffler with turn down tip.
Belltech Flat Crossmember needs to be installed. Not a fan of R/T's or the decals, but I'd still take it! My name is Jance and not Janiz, but a lot of people mistake my name for Janice...
Belltech Flat Crossmember They had a Viper at the shop! Drool And it almost has my name on the tag too. Maybe someday my name will be on the back of a Viper!

Modified Stock Gas Door.

I don't like the finger pull, so it was cut, knocked flat, and then re-welded for a smoother appearance.

Stock Finger Pull Finger Pull Hump Shaved the hump.

Opening the door without the finger pull really isn't that hard, unless you have fat fingers... So for me it's very easy to open. Razz

Helping out at the body shop.

Since I was finished with all my parts, after work I would head to the body shop to help out with anything that I could.
I began cleaning and polishing my brake lines and then started on my transmission line fittings and AC lines.

Polished Brake Lines

When I finished that I began prepping the frame so it could be painted bright silver with clear coat.
I talked the owner into letting me take my truck home over the weekend to finish the prep work.

I drove my truck home, without the bed, hood, and doors. I finished all the prep work during the weekend and dropped my truck off on Monday.
After work I went to the body shop and they already spray painted my frame black and set the bed back on the frame...
The owner told me it was "too much" detail work so they just sprayed it black and called it a day... Brick wall

Polished Transmission Line

I finished polishing the other lines anyways...

The owner told me he was too scared to build my dream truck since I told him I had been saving up for it since I was 16. Red Flag Warning Sign!

Headed to Texas Heat Wave! (Without my truck...)

The body shop was already going to miss my deadline, so I decided I was going to look for a new body shop to finish my truck while I was at the show.
 I told the body shop I was going to the show and for them not to paint anything until I got back.
When I got back they had already painted some of my dash...

Paint Glove Box Painted Inside Glove Box Knee Bolster Painted
Pillars Painted Close Up of Painted Pillars Steering Column Pieces Painted

    I talked to the owner months before I brought him my truck so he already knew it was on his list. In the 2.5 months that he had my truck, his shop put in a total of 20 hours of labor into my project.
Since I gutted the interior and sanded all the plastic pieces myself, I already finished half of what they were suppose to do.
I paid my bill and brought the truck back home as is.

Prepped for new paint. Removed grilles No More Door Dings!
Prepped for Viper Red Removed Billet Grilles No more door crease!
Shaved 3rd Brake Light Needs Tonneau Gate! Shaved Stake Pockets.
Installed Brand New Front Bed Panel Shaved Spare Tire Hardware and Indention Shaved Stake Pockets
4 x 4 Plastic Inner Wheel Wells are a great thing to have on a 2 wheel drive! These should be stock on all Dodges, but there not for some strange reason? These look a lot better than having huge gaps and being able to see the frame. I think these cost me about $80 for both, but still worth it in the long run. Check your local dealer or look for them on the internet. I'm sure you can find some cheaper than $80. I like these a lot. 22's! Nice rims with no fake rivets with exposed lug nuts!
Lowered 4" Checking Out My New Wheels 4 x 4 Splash Shield Liners Installed

Now that my truck is back home I can finish up the detail work and start over on prepping the frame for silver paint.

Since the Belltech Spindles were installed by the first body shop they never got prepped for paint.

Smoothing out the 2" drop Spindles from Belltech.

It's amazing just how expensive Dodge Ram parts really are!!! These cost me close to $700 back in 2005!

Stock Rotors with 2" drop spindles. Needs some attention to detail. I spent $700 on these? Really?
Before Rotor Removed Surface Rust
Title says it all... This doesn't look like show quality yet... Terrible!
I've got a lot to smooth out! Close Up of Molding Lines. Yuck!
Good picture to see what I had to smooth out. QUALITY WORK COMPLETED QUALITY WORK COMPLETED
Pits and Molding Lines Smoothed Out! A Lot Of Work!
Removed Everything I Hated! These Turned Out Great! Removed All Molding Lines and Pits

Smoothing out the inside of the 99-01 Dodge Ram Sport Grille Shell.

The Sport grille shell has a honeycomb insert that needs to be cut out to install a billet grille.
I had the first body shop install the billet grille when they first put on the new front end.
The tabs that held the honeycomb in place have no reason to stay so I used a Dremel to cut, grind, and smooth out all the tabs.
Body filler will need to be used to fill in some of the low spots. This will be fully painted and polished inside and out. The grille shell frame bracket will be chromed.

Factory Tabs Factory Tabs Are Getting Removed. Close up of the tabs.
Tabs Tabs Tabs
Removed all the tabs. Cross bar smoothed out! Removed EVERYTHING!
No More Tabs Cross Bar Center Section of the Grille Shell

What's the point? No one will ever see the backside of the grille shell when the hood is raised? Oh wait, yes they will.

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