Application Guide

Designed to
fit ANY truck!

New or Old!

four foot beds,
short beds,
long beds,
step side beds,
quad cabs,
duallies, etc...

*concept truck





I am not the manufacturer!



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Tonneau Gate will work with any truck!

Avalanche's, Colorado's, S-10's, Silverado's, SS's, SSR's
Dakota's, Ram's, Hemi's, R/T's, SRT-10's
Sport Trac's, F-Series, Harley Davidson's, Lightning's, Ranger's
Canyon's, Denali trucks, Regency's, Sierra's, Sonoma's
Ridgeline, SUT*  and others
New and old SUT's
Hombre's and others


                          (Lincoln)                                     (Nissan)
                        Blackwood's, Mark LT           Frontier's, Titan's, and others
(Subaru)                               (Toyota)
                                     Baja's                         Tacoma's, Tundra's, X-Runner's
                                                        Others include:
                           Jeep, Mazda, Mitsubishi, El Camino's, and Rancho's

      Tonneau Gate is NOT a universal product. They have to be made
       for each make and model of truck. Currently not on the market.

            Looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production!


Tonneau Gate is currently not on the market or available for individual sales. This is only a prototype.
I am looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production.

Click here to sign the petition if you are interested in purchasing Tonneau Gate!