Busy Busy Busy!

Since Jason Hill said my doors were almost finished, I took it upon myself to load up my bed and haul it down to Lubbock after Sema was over.
Once I got to Hill's Hot Rods I was hoping to see my doors, but instead they were no where to be found and no one had even been working on them?

Wiring Hitechled Products Sequential Taillights.
The stock taillights will be shaved and these taillights will be flush mounted vertically in the same location as the stock taillights.

10" HitechLed Products Taillights.

These 10" taillights were custom wired using a trailer harness. Stock Dodge Ram taillights have only one bulb for braking, running lights, and turn signals.
Since my 3rd brake light was shaved, my friend Tyson and I spliced into that harness and ran a new wire to give these sequential taillights the proper functions.

These taillights already come prewired into two sections. The top section is 4" long and the lower section is 6" long.
All LED's will be lit for parking and braking. The only time they will change is when the top 4" becomes a turn signal. This will complement my turn signal mirrors.

After running a few new wires and some troubleshooting, this took us about 4-5 hours to get everything working properly.
However, this will save a lot of time later and all the body shop has to do is plug them in and they will work flawlessly!

So I went ahead and dropped these taillights off with my taillight fillers so they could get started on the bed and get everything molded in.
It was kind of a pain to get everything to work right, but at least it won't have to redone at a later date...

Smoothing Out The Entire Engine Block.
Same as everything else, anything and everything that doesn't belong will get cut off, grinded down, and smoothed out.

Ready for work! This is going to suck... Need to remove all this dirt.
Back side of engine. Going to smooth this out completely! The underneath side will be getting smoothed out.
Need to remove casting numbers. Casting numbers need to be removed. Casting numbers removed.
Close up. Getting all the hard to reach spots. Smoothing out behind engine brackets.
Starting to smooth it out. The start of smoothing out the entire engine block. A lot of tedious grinding to start out.
Engine bracket. Half way smoothed out engine bracket. Don't click this, it's just a blurry photo.
I've got a lot accomplished, now it's time to work on the details.
Grinding off old manifold casting. Arrow showing the manifold casting.
Much Better! The stock exhaust manifold will no longer be needed, the new JBA Headers were set in place so the old manifold casting line could be grinded off.

Located towards the back of the engine. Still needs to be grinded off!
No more casting around the header! Success! Grinded smooth! Backside of engine.
Once I doubled checked everything, anything that didn't serve a purpose was cut off and grinded down.
Arrow shows what's getting cut off. Soon to be cut off. Cutting it off.
Cut off, now time to smooth it out. Soon to be cut off. Wavy for now, soon to be smoothed out.
Cutting it off. Cutting off a worthless mounting tab. Useless bracket has been cut off, now it's time to grind it smooth.

"If you're going to build something different, it's all in the details!"
Example of what is going to change! The "Before" picture is on the left.

The "During" picture is on the right.

The "Finished" pictures will be coming soon...
Getting a lot smoother!
Even though these two pictures are of both sides they still have the same features.
Right now some areas will look a little uneven but once it's finished and the engine is installed and everything is bolted together,
you won't even see the minor flaws because everything will be hidden. This engine will definitely NOT have an engine cover!

4 Months Crammed Into 7 Weeks!!!

I've been working with my Dad doing new construction & remodels since 2003. We were hired to remodel a 6,000 square foot church auditorium in another town.
We started the job on January 1st and it was completely finished for the first service on February 18th, 2007.

To keep the quality consistent, my Dad and I will be the only ones doing the wood work. We had over 600 hours each in only 7 weeks!

This remodel job deserves to have it's own page!

Click here to see the entire remodel in only 7 weeks!

Out With The Old And In With A New Daily Driver!

Whitey - "The F-150"

After driving my old 1990 Ford F-150 for the past 6 years it was time to let it go.
I ended up turning it into a nice daily driver to work out of but I needed something more reliable for road trips.

6 Year Daily Driver!!! I keep it clean! I put over 45,000 miles on it!
Removed Side Moldings New Headlights 10 mpg...
Clean Interior! New Seats! I have Lumbar Support!
$50 Salvage Yard Seats From A Newer Ford F-250!
Painted the rims! Stylin' Boredom'
Painted The Rims And Bought New Tires. Auto Zone Flames Ya'll! Polished The Dome Light.
I had a lot of interested buyers and ended up selling it for only $1,500.
I almost had it sold to an old guy but it wasn't too his liking.
The crooked seat, the mismatched paint, and a dented bed side didn't bother him, but the rusted out trailer ball was a deal breaker...

My New Daily Driver!

Yada Yada Yada, It's another Red Dodge Ram Sport!

April 9th, 2007 (Stock) Greg helping me bring it back home. Picking it up in Dallas, Texas!

Click Here To View The Build-Up Of My Daily Driver. - "ATN2DTL"

Bad News Report From Lubbock, Texas.

After attending a car show later that year, I talked to some of Jason's previous clients.
I was informed that Jason's mother had just passed away and shortly after that, he lost another close family member.

After my next road trip to Hill's Hot Rods, Jason told me he was going through a hard time and that building cars was the last thing on his mind.
I can completely understand where he is coming from and how it can change your mindset.
So I knew that asking about my truck and expecting it to be at Sema was out of the question.

"Business is business"
but family is always more important!

Sema 2007
(The Year My Dodge Was Suppose To Be Completed.)

I ran into Jason Hill at Sema a few months later and he told me things are looking up on my Dodge!
He just rebuilt his own blazer to represent Hill's Hot Rods at Sema. He said he will be picking up a friends 1956 Ford F-100 to be built for Sema in 2008.
After Sema was over I was back in the garage smoothing out more parts.

Smoothing Out The Inside Of The Door Jamb On The Cab.

This is just a picky custom touch that would have gone unnoticed if I didn't point it out.

This will be grinded smooth. Passenger Side Door Jamb. All smoothed out.
Needs to be grinded smooth. Small detail work. The body panels will be welded together and smoothed out.

Losing Interest In Having A "Hill's Hot Rod" Custom Truck...

I knew when I got on Jason's list I was right in the middle of the "Sema Crunch" in June 2006 so I expected to wait.
I was hoping to see progress in 2007, but due to some deaths in Jason's family things slowed down in Lubbock.

So hopefully now that it's 2008, progress can begin.

Hired To Finish Remodeling The Rest Of The Church!

We just got hired to go back and finish remodeling the rest of the church building.
This time my brother will be joining us, and the long hours that we worked the last time, will come to a halt and we will be back to working normal hours.

We made the entrance bigger, added a small library, built on a new preachers office, repainted and textured the fellowship hall and added a new sound room in the auditorium.
We started on January 1st, 2008 and the job was completed in April 2008. The overall project was twice the size of the auditorium.

I called Jason Hill to check on progress but I seem to be going no where... I'm starting to think that building this truck is just not worth my time...

If I keep jumping around from body shop to body shop, nothing will ever get done.

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