Patience And Time Are Running Out...

Phone calls, road trips, and running into Jason Hill at car shows never got me anywhere.
So I decided I was going to write Jason Hill a personal letter and tell him what I'm going through in my personal life.
AND I have a question I need to ask him... So I began to write...

Smoothing Out Miscellaneous Parts.

Backside of power steering pump. This mounts against the frame well but it will get smoothed out anyways. Power steering pump is looking better!
Getting smoother! Removing the texture. Half way smoothed out.

Polishing The Transmission Continued...

Starting point.   Getting all the fine details!

I'm running out of things to do while I'm waiting on Hill's Hot Rods. I've been on the waiting list for two years now watching other peoples projects come and go.
So I focused more of my attention on my daily driver and my Sema Show Truck was on the back burner...

Texas Heat Wave 2008

Hill's Hot Rods was a no show? I've been going to this show for the past 4 years and they always have something on display except for this year?
When I got home I called Jason Hill to see if everything was alright. He told me that he was signing the papers on a 24,000 square foot building that would be the new home of Hill's Hot Rods!

Sema 2008

This was the year the 1956 Ford F-100 and I believe their 1955 Ford T-Bird was suppose to be completed for Sema?
Instead I came across a two tone Chevy SSR and a restored yellow and white 80's C-10, both of these just happen to personally belong to Jason Hill.

A few weeks after Sema I received a message on Myspace from Jason telling me that all my parts had been moved and I was invited to their open house!

Hill's Hot Rods Open House

Since Jason had purchased the run down old building, almost everything was new from top to bottom.
As you walk in the front door you are now in the middle Hill's Country.
Plaque after plaque of featured vehicles, trophies, and even the show room had a vehicle on display.

As you walk into the massive shop you will find different sections setup for different stages of each build.

Even though I was losing interest in having a Hill's Hot Rod custom truck, I was now more pumped up and ready to see this thing built than ever before!

I barely got a chance to speak to Jason at the open house and when I did, he was around some other hot rod guys and I got the cold shoulder... So a few weeks later after the holidays I drove my daily driver back down to Lubbock, Texas to go over my detailed list of mods for the Sema Show truck!

Short List Of Mods.

We went over my 2000 Dodge Ram Sport daily driver as Jason began to wrote down everything that I wanted to change on my 1994 Dodge Ram Sport.

Tonneau Gate, one-off metal front bumper, modified stock headlight housings, shave fender flares, shave lower bodyline, door handles, gas door, taillights, firewall, cab seams, pinch welds, wipers, extended the hood over the shaved wiper cowl, box in frame rails and shave the holes,
radius the top of the door corners, extended the top bodyline all the way around the back of the cab and bed, suicide doors that open into the jamb, flush mount the windshield and back glass, one-off metal side mirror housings, smooth out the underneath side of the cab and bed,
one-off metal inner fenders, one-off metal bed interior, etc etc etc...

Since it was already January 2009, they should have enough parts to get started by working on my bed and my doors.
Knowing that things would quickly begin, Jason tells me before they start anything he needs to have my entire truck in front of him so they can put it back together, line everything up and then take it apart to work on it, and to bring him some money so they can get started.

I understand completely, I was hoping they would get started by building a new tonneau cover and start shaving the bed. It is what it is...

Loading Up And Heading To Lubbock!

Ready to load up! Smoothed out ready to shave! One-Off core support is needed!
Cleaned up and ready to go! Smoothed out and ready to cut up! Loaded up sitting next to my Daily Driver!
Ready to be shaved! Smoothed out and ready to be shaved! Almost ready to be chromed!
Billet hinges will be used, holes will be filled. Smooth out the underneath side of the hood. Fender bolts will be hidden underneath.
Smooth out creases on the fenders. Smooth it out for the suicide doors! Need to remove lower bodyline on the inside of the fender.
The place to be! Sema 2009!!!!!!!!! Arrived at Hill's Hot Rods in Lubbock, Texas!!!! Let the fun begin!!!!


After attending two cars shows back to back, people began to ask me "What's going on with your truck?" "Who's building it and when will it be done?"

That's a good question! Time for yet again another road trip to Lubbock, Texas.
Of course I called at different times and I was always told the same thing. "We are gaining ground on your truck." Sounds great!
Why don't I come down and see it for myself, since you have my truck and my money...

When I got to the shop, I got about 50 feet away from my truck and then stopped and headed in the other direction.
Nothing had been done and all my parts were sitting in a pile.

In fact 6 months after I dropped my truck off and gave Jason Hill $5,000 no one had even touched my truck...
So Sema this year is out of the question for the 3rd year in a row...

Back in June 2006, I told Jason Hill I was prepared to spend $30,000 to make my dream truck a reality. Now that's it been 3 years later...
I told him, I am now prepared to spend $70,000 and up to make my dream truck a reality on top of all my work and parts that I already have.

Hey What's The Deal???

Seeing that my deadline will be missed once again, I decided to talk to some of Jason's former clients.
One told me to hang there it will eventually get done, but it might be a good idea to check and see if I am actually on his build list... Awesome!

So I contacted another client... This time I was blown away with everything that I was hearing and the treatment that they received!

I was given a list of the parts that were either damaged or "misplaced" and pictures of their shoddy work. So I decided that Hill's Hot Rods is not were I need to be!
So just how bad was the damage?

Click here to see for yourself!

October 10th, 2009.

Today is the day that I am picking up my truck and Jason Hill has no idea. After hearing the other horror stories from former clients, I was not going to give him an opportunity to "arrange" for me to pick up my truck under his guidelines, time, or schedule.
I didn't want him to touch my truck until my friends and I could see it. Just as it sits. Neglected...

My truck had pinned in by vehicles all around it. My doors and my bed had never been moved inside. My bed had been dropped on its rockers, and my dent free doors now have hail damage. The day I unloaded my truck I was ready to help them push it inside since most of my truck was in bare metal.

Jason told me they needed to rearrange the shop before they could keep it inside. He knew a week in advance that I was bringing him my truck,
and he knew the exact day I was dropping it off. Why he didn't already have a spot cleared out for my truck is beyond me...

So my truck that used to be garage kept had been sitting outside for months and everything that was in bare metal is now rusted. The stupid thing is... That once we pushed my truck outside to be loaded up, we went right past my bed and my doors. How hard would it have been for them to put my bed on the frame and put the doors in the bed and push it all inside at once getting it out of the weather??? So after he had my truck for 9 months and I paid him $5,000 up front...

I had to strongly convince Jason to give me a full refund! Jason had "misplaced" my LED taillights that my friend and I had already prewired.
He gave me a written guarantee saying that I WOULD get my taillights back after he had a chance to look for them...

My written guarantee signed by Jason Hill.
I knew I would be wasting my time so I waited until after Sema was over and my story went public to contact Jason about my taillights.

I called up the body shop during the day and ended up leaving a message on his machine. Less than 3 hours later, I get a call from an unknown number.

It was Jason Hill's "attorney".
She said she was calling about the missing taillights and would like to know how much they cost and she would send me a check to reimburse me.

The odd thing about the conversation was, I don't remember her giving me her name, or the law firm that she worked for? And since the number was blocked,
I had no way to get in touch with her... I'm pretty sure that if someone's attorney contacts you, they want YOU to know who they are and who they work for?

This is what my truck looks like after it left Hill's Hot Rods in Lubbock, Texas!

High Resolution Images

Notice my new door dings? "Air brushed" rust... This tailgate won't be used anyways. But thanks for the damage! Purdy! Passenger side pinch is a little bent... Passenger side pinch Now what would have caused that? I think it gives it character. Don't you? Snapped the support rod and everything!
9 months later after being neglected... Is this what I get for trying? WOW do you know how much time I spent smoothing everything out??? Ready for my "hot rod"! Scratched and dented Dented door Dented door Dented door Rusted frame
Dented tailgate

Long story short... The treatment that I got from Jason Hill the owner of Hill's Hot Rods in Lubbock, Texas was just plain unprofessional.
I could go into more details but it would be easier to just read my story from October 10, 2009.

Click here to read the full story about my Hill's Hot Rod Nightmare experience!

Oh and if you were wondering, this is all the vehicles that Jason has built for himself over the years. He built 6 of these while I was on his list...

Jason Hill's personal rides..

And since my story went public, you wouldn't believe all the emails I have gotten from past clients who experienced the same treatment or worse from Jason Hill.

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Body Shop #4!!!

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