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This project started just like most custom projects start. It was never supposed to be this "over the top"
but once you get started you're committed to making a unique creation! I had all my plans laid out for the build. JL Audio tweeters mounted in the bed covered by a Tonneau Gate enclosure. A pair of swinging suicide doors opening up to a full custom interior and a clean custom two-tone paint job on the outside.

This Navigator was actually bought to be cut up and used for parts. The original project was going to be a 1:6 scale Ford F-350 remote control for a Tonneau Gate display. After tearing into the stock F-350 the
FM radio got fried and became worthless. So back to Toys "R" Us to purchase another model.

I came across the Navigator with plans of doing a front end swap. Once I had them both sitting side by
side, it was clear that the Navigator had more potential. So then the F-350 was used as the donor vehicle.

This Navigator started with simple mods and then turned into what it is known as today "IntimiGator".
After seeing the cheap khaki interior with no detail whatsoever it was ripped out and painted for a
luxurious look. Once the interior was out the JL Audio tweeters were installed in the factory subwoofer enclosure. A MP3 player was then added in place of a fake amp to bring downloaded music inside.

The entire interior received detail work to make it look more realistic. I came across a MP4 player on
ebay, it was to perfect to not at least try it out for size! Once all the cutting was done and it fit in the dash
it was then wired into an I-POD docking station speaker set which was mounted in the center console.

With the interior finished it was time to work on the exterior. The door handles and gas door were shaved, and the wiper cowl was smoothed. The drivers' door hinge was then reversed to make it a functional
suicide door. Both side mirrors had custom cut glass to make the model look more realistic.

Since the 1.2" tv screen is hard to see in direct sunlight, the Navigator was turned into a night cruiser.
The stock headlights received four 5mm white LEDS and two 5mm white LEDS in each fog light. A total
of six LEDS light up anything in its path! Two 3mm white LEDS were added for tag lights as well.

With all the custom touches added to this remote control car I think it's safe to say that even though it's a model, it is very impressive to say the least. With all the amount of time and effort that went into the
build, it is well worth it just to see the look on people's face when they see the tv! What's next???
The cover feature of a toy magazine...


Original Project

The 1.2" tv last
13 hours on a single charge
from a 9.6 Volt battery!

"IntimiGator" is
NOT for sale!

Interested in featuring "IntimiGator"?

Send me an email.

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Tonneau Gate
The World's First
Patented "Trunk" Tonneau Cover


Currently looking for a manufacturer to team up with for mass production!



Re-Inventing the Tonneau Cover
Tonneau Gate & Tonneau Gate Liner
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