Turkey Drag 2009 in Tyler, Texas.

This is the first time I have shown my truck in almost 5 years!

I've been Hill'd!

Any "Mini Trucker" knows that it's not always about business when it comes to car shows!
It's about hanging out and having a good time with other enthusiasts and making new friends!

A lot of people who read my story stopped and talked to me about my crappy experience with Hill's Hot Rods. The positive response was overwhelming!
As soon as we pulled up and I was getting my display ready, a gentleman walks up and starts talking to me about my experience...

I had my display in my hands and as soon as I put it on the ground... the guy stepped all over it!!!



Thank you Sir for your support!

As we were leaving the show grounds we were stopped at the exit by the shows promoter...

Leaving Turkey Drag.

He asked who owned the Dodge Ram? I spoke up and said "It's mine."

As he puts his hand in the window, he shakes my hand and says "I'm sorry about your truck, it really sucks to hear what happened!
I'm glad you could bring it out to the show and have a good time anyways!"

We talked briefly since we were holding up the line (plus it was freakn' cold out there) when he says. "Hold on... I'll be right back."
As he get's back he says "I know it isn't much but I would like for you to have this..."

Turkey Drag Trophy Mug

I didn't know what to say! I really didn't want to accept an award just for going through a hard time with a project.
I didn't want to take any award away from someone else at the show who really deserved it, but you know what makes this award worth keeping?

Because it came from a guy just like me! He gets and understands the "scene" and the people that make it what it is!

Being a "Mini Trucker" isn't about business, collecting awards, or getting featured in a magazine!

It's about helping and giving back to others who have paved the way just so we can go out and have a good time by building and sharing our hobby with others!
It doesn't matter if you have a car, truck, suv, bike, boat, airplane, rat rod, hot rod or whatever! We all understand it's a luxury to even have a custom vehicle!

"You gotta do what you gotta do"
but sometimes certain people need to realize that if it wasn't their CUSTOMERS they wouldn't have a job in the first place...

And yes I know my t-shirt display was a low blow, unprofessional, immature and stupid.
But if you add up the damage to my truck and the money that I wasted at that OVERRATED body shop for 40 months, what's a $10 t-shirt?

At The 4th Body Shop.

Since my 40 month nightmare with Hill's Hot Rods from Lubbock, Texas has come to and end, it's time to move on and get back to work on the Sema Show truck! Parts are being ordered, plans are being made, and things are starting to take shape!

The door handles have already been shaved, and I decided I wanted to do something a little different with the side weather-stripping and the back window.

Back Window And Side Window Weather-Stripping.

The stock back window sits about 2.25" higher than the side windows. To me it just doesn't flow with the rest of the truck.
The side weather-stripping will be eliminated and the mounting lip will be cut off. A smaller weather-stripping will take its place later.

A new larger back window will be flush mounted in place. Now all of the windows will line up from top to bottom.

(I am using my Daily Driver as an example.)

Showing the stock window height. Reducing the side weather-stripping. Need to lower window tracks.
Side weather window stripping. Need to cut down the metal and use small weather-stripping. One-Off door panels will be used and cut down to allow for the new weather-stripping.
Side Window Weather-Stripping Need to cut off weather-stripping mounts. The inside door panel will need to be lowered.

Here is what it will look like after the weather-stripping is reduced and the door handles, gas door, and lower body line have been shaved.

Here is what it looks like stock.

A bigger newer style Ford F-250 rear window will be used to reduce the gap.

Ford window will be used! New Back Glass Frame. New Back Window Frame Mocked Up.
No we didn't cut it out of a new truck. New Window Frame Set in place!

Grille And Hood Mods.
The stock grille shell has a "hump" that houses the Dodge Ram logo. This will be flattened out for a smoother appearance, similar to a 2002 Dodge Ram.
The body lines on the hood will also be eliminated for a smoother appearance while being extended over the custom shaved wiper cowl.

Emblem "Hump" will be flattened out. Emblem "Hump"

Did someone say Dodge Viper???

Instead of using the SSBC 11" Big Brake Kit that I already have, I decided to step it up a notch and purchase a set of Dodge Viper SRT-10 Brembo Calipers.

With all of these parts I've been collecting one could say becoming a bit of a parts geek. A Dodge Ram outfitted with Dodge Viper parts would be a machine to be reckoned with.

I will now have four massive calipers and 14" rotors on all four corners!

SRT-10 Dodge Viper Calipers made by Brembo.

And you know what? Even though I have so much time grinding my engine block and smoothing my intake and transmission for polishing....

I just don't think it will have the same "Over the top" feel as it would for having one of these sitting between the frame rails...

Gen 3 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Engine

I am now looking for a Gen 3 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Engine and Transmission.

This project will now be Viper Powered!!!

 Things have gotten interesting. Coming up next I will have up to date pictures and info along with a hand drawn rendering by Daniel Rena and the official build up "quote" will be introduced.

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