The Start Of My Sema Show Truck Build Up!

It's June 2006 and I just made plans to have my dream truck build by Hill's Hot Rod's in Lubbock, Texas!

I took a road trip to meet the owner Jason Hill for the first time. Since I had previous taken some other parts to get worked on at another shop,
I decided I was going to take some parts with me so if they got a chance they could start working on them. So I loaded up my doors.

Stock door. Circled what needs to be smoothed out. If you're going to do it, do it right! ;-)
Soon to be Shaved. Need to smooth out all the spot welds. Attention To Detail
Bodyline will be shaved all the way around the truck. Door Closed. Shave all the spot welds.
Shaving the lower bodyline. Close Up Shot Smoothing out all the spot welds.
Weld it up! Shave all spot welds.
The doors will be completely smoothed out on the inside. Eventually the lower bodyline, and the door handles will be shaved, and the top of the doors corners will be rounded off.

The door pinch will also be welded up and smoothed out to give the doors a seamless look.

There is a lot of work just going into the doors,
so hopefully some of the small details can be finished at the very beginning of the build.

Welding up everything! Smoothing out all the spot welds.

After unloading my doors we went into the front office area of the shop to discuss my plans and list of mods. I told Jason what my truck meant to me and where I was headed with the build up.
I showed him a few magazines with some custom Dodge Rams and I went over what I would like to change on mine so it would be different from the ones that had already been featured.

Since it was June 2006, I asked Jason if it would be possible to have my truck ready to start showing in the "Under Construction" class starting in April of 2007.
He told me that it shouldn't be a problem, so I asked about having the truck completed by November 2007 for the Sema Show in Las Vegas.

Again he said it shouldn't be a problem.

Awesome! I'm finally in the right place! My dream truck is finally going to happen!!!

Slamboree In Norman, Oklahoma.

A few months later in August at Slamboree I had my Lincoln Navigator remote control model on display next to Mark's "Instigator".

"IntimiGator" Navigator "IntimiGator" Navigator 1:6 Scale Remote Control

Mark Whiteskunk won "Best of Show" Truck, and Jason Hill won "Best of Show" Car.

I have no complaints going from one Best of Show builder to another.

Best Of Show Truck Best Of Show Truck

I talked to Jason Hill at the show and he told me that my doors were almost finished!

One Lean, Mean, Clean 3.18!

The plan for this engine is to make it a reliable driver with some minor performance mods, and a Super Charger will also be added!

JBA Shorty Headers JBA Badge MSD Mopar Performance Ignition
Mopar Performance Computer and MSD Coil Mopar Performance! MSD Spark Plug Wires
(Not pictured: A brand AC condenser, radiator and a high output alternator.)
I was already prepping the engine for paint at the first body shop, and once the engine was pulled it was taken apart and smoothed out.
The engine was pulled with only 61,993 miles!
Prepped this for paint at the first body shop. Need to smooth out all the brackets. Ditto.
Dirty Smoothing it out all! Soon to grinded off.
Most of this will be hidden, but I'll still smooth it out. All of this will be smoothed out. Need to remove all casting and numbers on the pulley.
Soon to be smoothed out. Smoothed out. Smoothed out, light surface rust.
Grinded off all the casting numbers. Smoothed out all casting lines. I might polish this?
The entire engine block will be smoothed out from front to back and top to bottom.
Any brackets, castings lines, or other imperfections that don't belong will be grinded down smooth.

Polishing The Stock Intake Manifold.

Where it started. Dirty All that has to come off.
This is going to be fun! Starting to grind. Smoothing it out.
Already tired of this... Removing the texture. Working on the side.
Looking better! Good reference picture for the firing order. Getting shiner!
Tight spots getting attention. Need to get the seams now. Everything grinded off.
Now to work on the tight spots. No more numbers or texture. Almost texture free!
This is going to look awesome all polished! I hate the fuel rail... NO MORE NUMBERS!

The stock fuel rail will be replaced with a polished billet fuel rail which will be mounted using custom brackets.
The mounting points are located at the base of the intake. The same bolts are used to secure the intake to the engine.

The stock fuel rail mounting tabs will be cut off, grinded down, and the intake will be reshaped and enhanced for a smoother appearance.
There will be no "humps" on top of the intake, once this is complete it will somewhat resemble a Hemi intake with an air intake located in the center.

Stock Fuel Rails Mounted In Place. The Plan Hemi Intake with polished fuel rail.
It's a lot of work, but it's the little things that make a huge difference!

More details to come on this modified intake!

Polishing The Stock Transmission.
"You're doing what to a Dodge transmission?!?!"

That's right, I'm going to polish the transmission.
I know Dodge's are notorious for having terrible transmissions, but I've never had any problems with it. So I started smoothing it out...

Just as you might go through all the hard work of starting to exercise and eating healthier on programs such as the Medifast diet to lose weight and get in shape, the hard work of polising the transmission will be worth it in the end.

Dirty Tranny Cleaned off some dirt. This is going to suck!
Got to go!

Style Points

Anything and everything that will interfere with a smooth clean look will be grinded down and smoothed out and then polished.

There is a lot of molding and casting numbers that need to be removed before it gets polished.

I have no idea how many hours this has taken me, but this is just one
more detail that will push this
project over the top!

Details, Details, Details!

Soon to be smoothed out!
Smoothing it out. Mounting tab will be cut off and smoothed out! Removing the mounting tab.
Cleaning off the dirt. Working on cleaning it up. Got to get every inch!
No more molding lines! Got all the molding lines smoothed out. Smoothing out everything for polishing.
Underneath side of transmission. Smoothing out the seams. You will see this from below.
Getting better!!! Small details count! Needs a smoother finish before polishing.
Just a small sample of my work in between stages before it gets smoothed out even more for a high quality shine that is clean enough to eat off of!
More on this later...

Smoothing Out The Drive Shaft.
Shooting for chrome...

Soon to be chromed.

Smoothed out drive shaft. Inside casting numbers removed. Needs a little more smoothing.

Smoothing Out The Differential.
Shooting for chrome...
I decided I want to chrome the entire differential. I know it's going to take a lot of work to make this completely smooth without any pits.
Depending on the chrome shop, they should be able to help aid in filling in the pits once it's ready to be chromed.

Stock Smoothing out everything. Underneath side.
Looking better! Top of the differential. Pits soon to be smoothed out!
A lot of work so far! Still need to remove more pits. Shiny
A few deep pits. Tight areas needs more attention. "Tabs" will be cut off.
Getting ready to cut the tabs off. Tab cut off. Awesome straight cut too... Tab removed, time to grind it down flat.
The majority of this has been smoothed out for now.
At a later date the entire thing was again smoothed out and most of the pins holes were grinded down to a smooth finish.
More on this differential coming soon!

My 2 Cents Worth...

Even though my work is not complete in these pictures (yet) I like to think that I do quality work with everything that I do, but according to a lot of people...
"I have way to much time on my hands."

Sure I won't get the same praise as a glorified welder or a painter, but if you don't have good prep work, your end result will suffer.

So where do you draw the line between "to much time" and quality? Just wondering...

"Good work ain't fast, and fast work ain't good."

Need to do some tedious grinding?
Dremel Sanding Bands For Sale!

Dremel Sanding Bands For Sale

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