A repressed memory from an untold story.

    It was May of 2001 and I just graduated high school. I was finally going to get the chance to start working full time so I could afford my dream truck. I already had about $12,000 saved up from the past couple of years. 

    My dad originally bought the lumber yard due to some off the job related injuries and he needed a break from the work load. He has been doing carpenter work ever since he was a teenager and he actually used to work at this same lumber yard when he was younger. So when the opportunity came up to buy the lumber yard, he jumped on it.

    He has done it all from small remodels to full blown custom houses and businesses. One of his last building projects before he bought the lumber yard was a new bank in town. He knew the owner very well and even remodeled his house several years earlier. So he borrowed the money to buy the lumber yard with no problems. 

   The lumber yard was old and outdated so my dad moved it to a bigger and better location. He had a big metal building built outside to protect the lumber and to protect the delivery trucks. It was basically just a big car port.  

    Oklahoma had one of the worst winters that year with record breaking snow. Due to all the snow and ice on top of the metal building it collapsed. My brother’s first truck was actually underneath the building when it fell. I usually parked my truck under it during bad weather since it sat outside at home. So I could have lost my first truck during that storm. 

    A couple of years after my dad built the bank, they had already outgrown their new building and hired a new construction crew to add on since my dad was running the store. They hired my dad to do some more work to the main entry way for a weekend. 

    My dad started the job on a Saturday and had everything torn apart when he found out that my grandmother had just passed away. He told one of the bankers that he would have to come back to finish the job next week. Then the banker told him that he “had” to complete the job before they opened on Monday. My dad told him no because of what had just happened. The banker then gets up in his face and says “You’ll be sorry!” 

    So after the snow storm we cleaned up the metal building, and my dad decided to order wood trusses so we could build it ourselves. This was going to be a huge 80’ x 120’ fully enclosed building. We had everything framed up and supported by braces that were secured every eight foot on the outside of the walls for support legs.  

    While the structure was still a huge skeleton of a building, Oklahoma was hit with a high wind storm… The next day when I got to work, the building had been blown over by the massive wind storm… 


   As we began cleaning up yet another mess, we began to notice that over half of our support braces had vanished? Instead of every 8 foot, it was every 16 to 24 foot? This doesn’t make sense? What happened to all of our braces? 

    As we got to the final two trusses that had toppled over the front gate, we found our answer!!! Someone had broken in and removed the support braces and pulled the building down to the ground! The last two trusses had a huge piece of wire wrapped around them with a pull loop at the end… WE JUST GOT SCREWED! 

    It made the front page of the local newspaper that the wind had blown the building over. We did find out several years later that the guy who actually pulled our building to the ground was a long time friend of the banker's son...

    But why would he do this? My only guess would be that the next occupant of the building had no use for that extra building and wanted it removed? Why is that? Because a couple of months later, the bank closed the doors on my parents lumber yard! “You’ll be sorry!” I guess he was right… 

    We lost almost everything after that happened. However, losing the business was not the worse thing in the world. What the bank did next is shocking!

    My parent’s house is now up for auction. So my parents began to bid. Going once, going twice… The bank bids against my parents… Going once, going twice… The bank again bids against my parents… This went on for while until the bank finally backed off and let my parents bid for the final time. They won the house back, plus an additional $30,000 (I think) since the bank bid against them… 

    So since my truck was on a lien with the bank, I lost it too, so I took $5,300 out of my savings to buy it back. After seeing my parents going through this struggle I couldn’t help but feel completely helpless to their money situation. I wanted to do something not only to help them, but to help myself as well. 

    A few months earlier I had skipped school and made an appointment with a patent attorney. After I found out how much it was going to cost, I lost interest in filing for a patent. However, after everything that just happened with my parents and the bank, a few months and $6,000 later I started my adventure of becoming a patented inventor. 

    I did lose all interest in filing for a patent, but after this happened I had to at least try. I remember saying to myself “I’m going to save the family.” As cocky as it was, it was all I had to hope for. So now I’m completely broke, I just lost my job and going to college is out of the question. I NEED A JOB!

It’s time to start over so that dream truck will have to wait.
I’ve got a patent to sell!

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