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Tonneau Gate Liner is the first bed cover/liner of its kind. This enclosure includes features not found in other enclosures. Tonneau Gate Liner is a trunk shaped cover, which uses the truck’s same body features, dimensions and replaces your factory tailgate with its own built-in version of a "tailgate". This is molded into the rest of the cover as a solid piece.

   This new tonneau cover extends from one side of the bed rail to the other. This gives your bed full and complete coverage, keeping items safe and secure from theft and the weather.

    Located in the center of the "tailgate" is a license plate box surrounded by accent and reverse lights. The accent lights illuminate the license plate, while the reverse lights assist you in backing up, and alert other drivers that you are in reverse.

    The license plate is bolted onto a hinged bracket, which when lifted, reveals the keyed lock /electronic barcode. Once unlocked,
the latches will release, allowing the gas struts to raise the cover effortlessly.

     A flexible weather stripping seal is located along the inside edges of the cover. This creates a weather-tight seal, preventing moisture from entering the enclosure.


     The tonneau cover is attached to a bedliner, forming a trunk cavity. The   
    bedliner drops into place and covers the top bed rails. This gives you more
    protection for your bed, inside and out. The bedliner fits to the side walls
    and floor of the bed. The entire unit is removable.

       Rubber engagements are located on the inner side walls of the bedliner to  
    create a theft-proof enclosure. Turning the engagements will hold the cover
    in place. Once disengaged, the complete enclosure can be removed.

       Tonneau Gate Liner is more accessible, more aerodynamic, attractive,
     convenient, functional, theft proof, and weather proof, giving your truck a 
     custom touch that appears to be factory.

                                  It is the first and ONLY tonneau cover/bed liner
                                         with its dimensions,  shape and features! 

*Note (Tonneau Gate Liner may also extend over the existing taillights.
Using transparent panels that allow the taillights to shine through the panels.)


Tonneau Gate Liner is currently not on the market or available for individual sales.
I am looking for a manufacturer to team up with for production.

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